We are a friendly, community-based, not-for-profit childcare Centre located in May Street, Coburg North. The bright, attractive Centre, staffed by caring and skilled workers, offers quality childcare so that parents may leave their children with confidence and peace of mind.  

About Us

Anne Sgro Children’s Centre was established as a work-related childcare service that caters for the needs of families who work, study or live in the city of Moreland.  It was initiated in 1976 by a group of migrant women in F.I.L.E.F. (Italian Federation of Migrant Workers and Families) who recognised the importance of quality childcare to working families. With trade union support, they began and maintained close contact with working women in Coburg, with the aim of establishing the first work related childcare Centre in Victoria. Further support and involvement came from Local and Federal Governments.

After eight years of determined struggle, extensive negotiations and communications with Government at various levels, the Centre was officially opened on the 13th April 1985 in a residential street close to the industrial area of North Coburg. It provided an important precedent in the development of childcare as a political and industrial responsibility.

The Centre building and property is owned by Moreland City Council and provides day care facilities for 82 children from 3 months to 6 years old. It is operated by a Committee of Management which is made up of parents who support the Director and Staff in the management of the centre.

The bright, attractive Centre, staffed by caring and skilled workers, offers quality childcare so that parents may leave their children with confidence and peace of mind.

Our Centre. Our Family. Our Community.


Our Values.


  • Meet the needs of children whose families live, work, or study in Moreland.
  • To provide an environment that respects and maintains the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of the children.
  • Enable children to develop to their full potential taking into account their individual needs.


  • Provide support for the family as a whole.
  • Involve parents in the management of the service.
  • Provide an environment where parental concerns can be addressed.
  • Encourage parent/family involvement in the day-to-day functioning of the Centre.


  • Develop and maintain optimum working conditions, allowing opportunities for staff support and training.
  • Involve staff in the decision making processes and to involve staff in the ongoing evaluation of the Centre’s policies and development of the service.
  • Provide an atmosphere in which staff can work as a team and where levels of training and personal skills are respected, valued and utilised.

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Parent Handbook & Policies

To read more about our philosophy, policies and procedures, please contact the centre directly.