Toddler Room


Our Toddler room is for children 2-3 years old and looked after by 5 enthusiastic educators who understand the joy and tribulations of being two. In our Toddler Room we understand that this can be a challenging time for children and parents.  



We offer a flexible indoor and outdoor program throughout the day as well as offering a play-based emergent curriculum. This allow children to make reasonable choices, allowing them to assert independence in a safe, nurturing environment. Our program is thoughtfully focused around the children’s interests and abilities and this is taken into consideration when developing our activities and programs. 


A child’s need for independence and emotional development can come into conflict with our need to protect them. We strongly encourage the development of independence skills as guided and role modelled by our team of dedicated educators.

Outdoor explorers

We share our fantastic yard with the Pre kinder and Kindergarten room where we encourage social learning and a chance to socialise with our beloved siblings. Our toddler room team run a flexible indoor and outdoor program, provide warm home cooked meals and a happy environment for all our children.


What Our Families are Saying

Anne Sgro is such a wonderful day care centre.  After 6 years and 2 children at the centre, we couldn't be happier.  Community run, amazing staff and a passionate level of care for the children.   Thanks again, Melissa Mills.   

What can I say?  A great centre.  Over the past seven years the staff have shown such care and commitment to the well-being of my children.  Freida loves Kylie's discos and Eliza, three years later, remembers the songs and games she learned here.  Thank you to everyone involved in this centre, not only for looking after my children so well but also for fostering a wonderful sense of community for us all to be part of.  Gemma Walsh

My second daughter Hazel has had her first year at Anne Sgro and yet again I am so happy with the level of care and rich environment provided by the centre and educators.  My first daughter Matilda absolutely loved Anne Sgro and totally thrived there.  Hazel is having the same experience.  As a parent I am so thankful for this wonderful, community run centre.  I couldn't be happier!  Eve West

Both our children went through Ann Sgro and we were delighted with the support and care offered to them. The community of parents plays a large role in the running of the centre so everything is focused around meeting the needs of the children. The staff provided the children with so many wonderful opportunities that they loved going each day. My happy and confident children transitioned easily into Primary school after such a positive experience at Anne Sgro.  Julie McClimont